image of a mortgage broker

At Indigo Colorado, we consider ourselves true mortgage brokers. Below we will explain the key differences between a broker and other types of mortgage companies.

There are 2 types of mortgage companies, mortgage brokers, and the “other guys”. We say this because the mortgage brokers are the ones working for the borrower and representing the borrower to the mortgage lender. Most other mortgage companies work for the lender, which means they are representing the lender and not the customer. To put it more simply, the mortgage broker is always on the same side of the fence as the borrower, which is extremely important. Mortgage brokers advocate for the borrower and are accountable for getting the loan to closing. Because mortgage brokers work with several different lenders, we have a much bigger toolbox to work with. For example, loan officers who work for one lender only (whether that’s a local bank or an online lender) have one rate sheet, one set of guidelines, and can only do what the underwriter tells them to do.

At Indigo Colorado, we have the ability to get loans done for Colorado home buyers, where others cannot. We can often find better mortgage rates and terms than other lenders and have a large portfolio of mortgage products to offer. Some examples are construction loans, more competitive jumbo mortgage loans, as well as VA and FHA lender credits. The most positive aspect is the fact that we are local, which means we understand the local market and can work face to face with our customers.

When it comes to your mortgage loan, reach out to those that care! The Indigo Colorado team is always here to help.

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