Mortgage Calculator

The mortgage calculator tool will show you a standard amortization schedule.
Here’s how to use it:

•  Enter your loan amount. Do not use commas or the dollar sign.
•  Enter your down payment as a percent. Example: A down payment of $10,000 for a $100,000 loan is 10% and needs to be entered as 10.
•  The Loan Amount field will automatically populate with your loan amount.
•  Enter your interest rate.
•  Select your amortization period (monthly or yearly).
•  Enter the number of years for your loan.
•  You may optionally enter annual property taxes and other annual fees.
•  Click calculate. A window with your total costs and amortization schedule will appear.


We provide this mortgage calculator as a free service to help you evaluate your mortgage and payments.
This is not a quoting tool and is not a guarantee of cost. This information is not collected.
For additional usage details, please see our privacy policy and terms of use.

Mortgage Calculator

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