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When you are applying for a mortgage, if it seems too easy, it just may be. The experts at Indigo Colorado are here to explain to you the realities of a one-click mortgage, as promised by some online mortgage companies.

Applying for a mortgage is not like buying a pair of shoes online. The mortgage lender whose name sounds like “pocket” makes it look and sound like a mortgage is literally just clicks away. In reality, it’s not that simple. After all, would you loan hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone without knowing details about their income and their ability to pay you back?
What many home buyers don’t realize, is at some point in applying for a mortgage loan, you will have questions, run into roadblocks, and frustration may sink in. Who will be there to answer those questions? If you’re working with an online lender and you do need to talk to someone, you will most likely be left on hold. Once you do get a hold of an actual person, will they really be as invested in you as you would hope? These relationships between customer and mortgage lender are less personal, because to them, you are just an account on a screen.

From our experience, these “pocket lenders” also have a much higher mortgage rate as well as higher fees. It’s much better to work with a local mortgage broker who understands your individual situation and truly cares about the outcome of your mortgage loan.

Don’t let the online mortgage lenders treat you like another number on a computer screen. The team at Indigo Mortgage Colorado is here to help you succeed when it comes to your mortgage loan.
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