VA mortgage

Because Indigo Mortgage Colorado has the VA mortgage loan center, many, many veterans over the years have come to trust us to offer ethical and honorable VA mortgages.

Like other consumers, veterans shop their mortgages around to find the lowest interest rates and fees. When we see a VA mortgage loan proposal from the “Quick” sounding lender or that one says they “Unite” veterans, we ultimately find that these lenders are taking total advantage of these veterans.

Recently, we’ve seen offers from both these lenders that are either half a percent higher than our interest rate, or with many thousands of dollars in added closing costs. We had one veteran where that “United” sounding lender would have charged the veteran $8000 just in discount points to get him the same rate we offered. Their proposed total closing costs were $14,000 on a streamlined VA refinance.

We don’t know how those loan officers can sleep at night. We encourage veterans to steer clear of either of these national lenders. Always shop your mortgage and when you do, shop with a trusted local mortgage company like Indigo Mortgage Colorado.

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