Many mortgage borrowers in the Colorado market have heeded our call to shop their mortgage around for the best rates and lowest fees. That’s especially important when dealing with that “quick in pocket-sounding lender” or the VA lender that is supposed to “unite” veterans.

Borrowers call us because they want to compare offers to see if they are getting a good deal with a low interest rate and low fees. The first thing we tell them is that we don’t want to even see other lenders’ offers; we’ll send them our best offer, and then together, we will compare the offers.

During the last month, 100% of the time, our offer gave the homeowner a much better deal. Indigo Mortgage’s offer provided a lower mortgage rate and fewer closing costs. Yet when the borrower went back to cancel their loan with that “quick-in pocket sounding lender” or that “united” veteran lender, those companies had the gall to tell the borrower to send them our offer and they would match it!

If the borrower had not shopped their mortgage loan, then those lenders would let the borrower go to closing with the higher rate and higher fees. Think how many other people they take advantage of, those who thought they were getting a good deal with an online lender! We don’t believe these lenders should be rewarded by getting the business, by allowing them to drop their rates and fees only when they know they have competition.

It always pays to shop your mortgage– and be sure to include a local mortgage broker like Indigo Mortgage Colorado.

Veterans Deserve Honor When Is It Time To Refinance Your Mortgage?