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Mortgage rates are at historic lows and the current market inventory is still tight. Can having an important asset like a pre-approval or a pre-qualification when looking for a home help during this time?

Indigo Mortgage Colorado knows the real estate market is very competitive. You can set yourself apart by using a pre-approval or a pre-qualification with your offer. This will help reinforce your offer and the seller will know your loan is solid. Having that additional pre-approval or pre-qualification will eliminate and guesswork or anxiety about which offers to accept. If your underwriter has a pre-approval, he can issue an actual approval and the only items needed to close is appraisal title work and purchase agreement.

A pre-qualification is an analysis of the loan which hasn’t been seen by an underwriter. A pre-approval carriers more weight with the seller so make you have one with your offer, especially in a competitive market.

Indigo Mortgage Colorado is a mortgage broker so we have to lender that offer a TBD pre-approval. If you’re in the purchase market, let Indigo Mortgage secure a pre-approval for you today.

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