image of a mortgage broker shaking hands with a new homeowner

At Indigo Mortgage Colorado, we get calls every day, asking “What’s your best interest rate?”

We tell them it’s impossible to accurately answer that until we can get some basic answers from you first. One real piece of advice we suggest, is when you’re ready to make an inquiry about a refi or new home loan, is to have your most recent mortgage statement handy. Almost all the information we need is on that mortgage statement.

The questions we need to know are: What’s the address of the property, what’s your current mortgage balance, what’s your current interest rate, what’s your monthly payment and how much of that payment goes to the escrow account, and how’s your credit looking?

If you don’t have the mortgage statement handy, at least know the answers to these questions because if you don’t, then the proposal from any mortgage broker won’t be accurate.

Indigo Mortgage Colorado will not ask for your Social Security number or date of birth, and we won’t pull your credit unless you tell us to do so. If you can answer the general questions, we will get you an accurate proposal to refinance your home loan or take out a new mortgage.

We strongly encourage you to shop around for a mortgage, so that you can compare rates and fees. We will never ask for the other lenders’ estimate until we send you our best deal, then we will have you set them side by side and make the comparison. You’ll know we sent your our best offer, and quite likely, it’s an offer that will save you money each month on your mortgage payment.

If you’re buying a home in Colorado or ready to refinance, give us a call and see why we say—no one cares more about your mortgage loan than Indigo Mortgage.

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