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Today, when homebuyers are preparing to apply for a mortgage, they see ads about how rocket-fast it is to apply for a home loan or a refi. The ads make it look like getting a mortgage is as quick as pushing a few buttons on a computer or smartphone, or having a quick chat on the phone with a person, who’s actually many miles away.
In either case, the online mortgage website or the person on the phone is just an application taker, not an experienced mortgage consultant. Obviously, if a borrower uses an internet mortgage lender, the computer is the application taker and is not invested in you as a borrower. A phone receptionist that works for a giant corporation is not invested in your transaction. Both are simply performing a function for the corporation.
The option is to talk with someone local with an office right here in Colorado. We not only take your application information but our goal is to be your mortgage consultant, answering questions and providing better service and a better mortgage offer.
Local lenders are invested in you and the community, and we want what’s best for you and the community.
As a mortgage consultant, Indigo Mortgage is ready to answer questions, do an analysis, and put you into the mortgage that’s right for you — not what’s the best deal for the mortgage lender. We encourage borrowers to shop their mortgage around so that they find the best mortgage interest rate and lowest fees. Shop local by including a trusted local mortgage lender like Indigo Mortgage.

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