image of interest rate going down

As a mortgage broker, Indigo Mortgage Colorado has access to the largest wholesale lender in the country and they have approved our company to offer a VA Purchase loan and a VA Streamline Loan with the 30-year fixed rate as low as 2.25%.

That’s right– a VA purchase rate or a VA Streamline refinance with a 30-year fixed rate as low 2.25% with an APR of 2.429%. This is such a great opportunity for veterans, but we advise them to be very careful as internet and out-of-state lenders might promote a similar rate but have astronomical closing costs. It is important for veterans to shop their loan or ReFi around to different mortgage lenders to make sure they are getting the best rate available, and with the lowest fees.

Indigo Mortgage Colorado never asks to see another lender’s proposal until after we send you ours. This way, every borrower can be confident that our proposal is legitimate and not a game of numbers. We believe veterans deserve to receive an ethical and legitimate loan proposal so they can make the right decisions for them and their families. Best of all, we are local right here in Colorado Springs and serve homeowners across the state.

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