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In mid-August 2021, we’ve seen two changes in mortgage loans. Recently Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did away with their added fee for refinances. The fee was issued on all loans over the last few months in 2021 but they just dropped it. What this means for borrowers is that rates are even better for refinances than they have been.

This is a great opportunity for all home owners who were on the fence about refinancing. Home owners should at least look to see if a refinance is worthwhile. But be careful shopping that mortgage, as some national lenders are still taking advantage of homeowners. Be very cautious with online lenders, especially the one that sound like “pocket” and that “quick sounding” lender.

On another note, Indigo Mortgage can now offer VA 100% cash-out refinances, prior to this  most lenders were limited to 90%. So if a veteran is needing to push that cash out to 100% and you have been turned away by another lender, give Indigo Mortgage a call. We can even use the old appraisal as long as it’s less than 6 months old.

Remember to shop your mortgage around but be sure to include a local trusted mortgage company like Indigo Mortgage Colorado.

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