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VA Home Loans

At Indigo Mortgage, we've worked with thousands of our nation's military vets for a VA home loan. We understand the loan requirements and more importantly, we do our best to make the process easy for the veterans who have served our great country. If you have any questions about VA mortgage loans, the VA benefits you may have available or qualify for, or refinancing options for your current loan, use our Quick Analysis link. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. You can also reach us at (719) 836-9500.

Facts about VA Home Loans

- For VA loans, the veteran may use the benefit multiple times as long as all previous loans have been paid off
- VA loans are unique in that they are assumable
- Streamline loans are available for rental property
- Indigo Mortgage can order your VA certificate of eligibility, another convenience for you


- Veteran loans require 0% down
- At Indigo Mortgage, your VA loan will allow 4% of the purchase price to be used towards closing costs
- Veterans are not required to purchase mortgage insurance
- Funding fees are waved with 10% or more disability
- Owner-occupied for buying only


- Up to 100% cash-out refinances are available if used to pay off debt
- Up to 95% cash-out refinances - cash in hand
- Up to 100% refinances – can be used to pay off existing mortgage even if it's not a VA loan
- No mortgage insurance is required
- Funding fees are waved with 10% or more disability


- Income verification is NOT required
- Streamline to a lower interest rate or for a shorter term
- Must be up-to-date for last 12 months on current mortgage loan

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