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When applying for a mortgage, there are two important initial steps: pre-qualification and pre-approval. Pre-qualification is the preliminary assessment of the creditworthiness of the buyer to determine the projected amount that the person can afford to borrow.

Pre-qualification starts with an assessment of the potential buyer’s income and expenses. This then allows the lender to calculate an estimated loan range that the buyer would likely be able to eventually pay off. Having a pre-qualification completed before you start your home search lets you know the range of homes you should look at; otherwise, you might set your sights on a home that is more than what your current finances would allow you to purchase.

Pre-approval is the very thorough evaluation of the loan amount that a homebuyer will be able to borrow. This is done through the financial institution and will provide the maximum amount that it will lend to the homebuyer. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about what you will need to provide when applying for your loan. At Indigo Mortgage, you have our word that we'll make both pre-qualification and pre-approval of your mortgage loans as easy as possible.

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