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Monday, 19 June 2017 17:26

VA Jumbo Loans for Veterans

A VA Jumbo Loan is defined as a mortgage loan that exceeds the typical VA Loan limit which is set at $424,000. Jumbo loans are a terrific option for veterans now because interest rates are still very low on 30-year fixed rate loans. For veterans that have 10% or more in VA disability, funding fees are also waived.

At Indigo Mortgage, our loan officers are very experienced in helping veterans with VA Jumbo Loans. These loans can consolidate first and second mortgages, refinance short term jumbo adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) into a conventional term, or be used to finance a major home improvement for the home.

If you are interested in a VA Jumbo Loan, please call on of our loan officers and ask questions. At Indigo Mortgage, we are honored to serve our military vets and have helped thousands with their VA loan. We are always happy to provide answers and supply borrowers with everything you need to know to make an informed loan decision on a VA loan. It’s important to shop around and compare options, and we have historically been able to find lenders with the lowest fees and rates on the market. If you’re considering a VA Jumbo Loan, call Indigo Mortgage today!

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