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Wednesday Oct 10, 2018

KKOB on October 16 Featured

With the dangers of higher interest rates coming, Indigo Mortage explains how to shop around while still locking in a rate
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Tuesday Oct 9, 2018

KKOB on October 9 Featured

Ben Lucero says, "you better shop around for your Mortgage."
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Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

Low VA Rate Mailers

Indigo Mortgage is proud to serve the VA loan needs of Colorado veterans. Because we work with so many of our veterans, we have a unique understanding of their concerns and needs. So, when veterans call Indigo Mortgage and say they received a letter from a mortgage lender offering them…
At Indigo Mortgage, we frequently have veterans contact us and ask about the emails and post cards they receive that advertise VA loans with interest rates below 3%. They want to know if these low, low interest rates are really legitimate? The short answer is no. Here’s why. Any rate…
Monday Jun 19, 2017

VA Loan Basics

At Indigo Mortgage, we are honored to serve our nation's veterans as they purchase or refinance with a VA loan. Our VA loan division closes hundreds of VA loans each year and our loan officers are very experienced in the VA loan process. Here’s some basic information for veterans who…
Monday Jun 19, 2017

VA Jumbo Loans for Veterans

A VA Jumbo Loan is defined as a mortgage loan that exceeds the typical VA Loan limit which is set at $424,000. Jumbo loans are a terrific option for veterans now because interest rates are still very low on 30-year fixed rate loans. For veterans that have 10% or more…
A lot of vets considering a home purchase don't know that the Veterans Administration offers a jumbo loan or how those loans work. A VA jumbo loan can be used when a veteran needs a mortgage loan of $417,000 or more.
One of our mortgage loan specialists recently spoke with a military veteran who had called the Veterans Administration to ask about his VA benefit as he prepared for a new home mortgage loan. After they answered his questions, the VA representative told him to exercise caution when calling out of…
If you are a veteran, you may have received various e-mails and mailings recently from VA lenders promising extremely low interest rates- usually below 3%. Many savvy loan shoppers have contacted Indigo Mortgage with questions regarding these offers, and specifically, are they legitimate? The short answer from the experts at…
The VA mortgage refinance program is the strongest loan on the market today for many reasons. We’ll give you the low down on these loans today. If a veteran wants to refinance a mortgage that is not currently under the VA program, Indigo Mortgage can refinance 100% of the loan…
Indigo Mortgage is now able to offer veterans the 100% refinance loan. This is another great loan program for veterans, but it is not offered by all lenders. The 100% refinance loan is available to veterans who want to pay off debt but cannot actually take cash in hand. To…
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